Features To Look Out For In The Best E-cigarette


You might not be entirely new in the cigarette smoking industry, or may be a seasoned smoker but you are somehow new to the world of electronic cigarette smoking. Finding your way through the many different products and settling at the one that best suits you can look like an overwhelming task.

There are a number of options that are available as we are witnessing an increased number of new e-cigarette arrivals into the market now and again. Meaning there is a lot of competition among the sellers. The best method so far of getting a good e-cigar is looking through reviews. Look at the Best E-Cigarette Reviews & Brands In The UK for 2017 | Buyers Guide. Aside from this, you need to have the knowledge on what specifically makes a good e-cigarette.

The guide given below will be essential in enabling you to know what you will be looking for in an electronic cigarette and thus help you make a good choice.

Cigarette like appearance

hdhd74When you make a general assumption, most electronic cigarette users aim at obtaining something that has a close resemblance to the ordinary cigarette. While they want to have the smoking experience without having to worry about the smoking side effects that come with regular smoking. It may happen that a cigarette’s look may not matter to you. But you should have by now realized that all e-cigars bear a close resemblance to their tobacco counterparts. Other brands bear more resemblance than others. If the appearance does matter that much to you, then you should go for that which has a glowing orange tip. But am pretty sure that with time, the resemblance will not be that important. For those making the switch, it is pretty helpful.

Vapor production

The amount of vapor that the e-cigarette will be producing is a very important factor to take into consideration. It is very crucial more especially when one is looking to achieve the experience of ordinary smoking. The majority of e-cigar brands will give a considerable amount of vapor, however, the vapor will be lesser than a tobacco cigarette. With time one gets used to this. But you should always go for a brand of e-cigarette that gives more vapor as this is more satisfying.

Nicotine level

It is also a good idea to take into consideration the amount of nicotine that you will require to consume. If you know that you are a heavy smoker, then you should go for an e –cigar brand that gives 24mg cartilage and above. This is meant to ensure that your smoking craving is fully satisfied. But it is advisable that you go for an 18mg one as it is enough for most users.


When selecting an e-cigarette, it is important to determine how long the battery will take before it is exhausted. You should always select that which can allow 200 to 300 puffs before it is exhausted. This will allow you use it for longer periods before it requires some recharge. It is also important to go for automatic activation batteries as opposed the manually activated batteries.


Always endeavor to make a purchase of an e-cigarette that has the features that are right for you. Get the above factors right, and your experience will be what you were looking for.